To chat with your customers over Instagram, connect to an Instagram Page. Ensure that your Instagram page is is a Business Account and that it's linked to your Facebook

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings

From Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Channels.

Step 2: Add Channel

Click Add Channel under Instagram. You will be provided a list of requirements for setting up Instagram, Click Continue and the Connect with Facebook dialog should open up.

Step 3: Connect with Facebook

Click the Connect With Facebook button.

Step 4: Sign in with a Facebook Account

Sign in using the Facebook account with admin access to the page you would like to connect to. If you have previously linked your Facebook Business Account, you'll be directed to continue with that account.

Step 5: Select the Instagram Page

You will be provided options on which page you would like to connect. Select the page.

Step 6: Complete the setup

Click Complete, you'll be provided with instructions on how to allow OneRoute access to your Instagram messages. Follow the steps, then click I have completed this then Dismiss to complete the setup.

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