Requirements and steps to connecting your WhatsApp channel


  1. Meta Business Manager Account

If you don't already have one, ensure you have a Meta Business Manager Account.

  1. WhatsApp Phone Number

To get a WhatsApp API Account, you will need a phone number.

  • The phone number used for WhatsApp Business API must be valid (can send and receive SMS).

  • If you want to use a number connected to your personal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App, you must first delete your account. Learn how to migrate from WhatsApp personal or WhatsApp Business App here.

  1. WhatsApp Commerce Policy

Ensure that the nature of your business and the products that you sell comply with WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

  1. WhatsApp Business Policy

It’s important to be aware of WhatsApp Business Policy and follow these messaging best practices to avoid getting flagged.

  1. Grant Access to Meta Business Manager

To connect WhatsApp to OneRoute, grant Full Access to tiffany@oneroute.io. Here's how to invite an email address to your account. This access should be revoked once your WhatsApp channel is added to your OneRoute account.


WhatsApp Groups

Group Messages are not supported by WhatsApp Business API. Facebook has deprecated the development of this feature.

Voice Calls

WhatsApp calls are not supported by WhatsApp Business API.

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