Learn how to navigate the Customers Module

Here, you can add, edit and delete customer contacts. There are two ways to add customer contacts to your account.

Adding customers

Step 1: Navigate to the customers module and click on Add Customer

Step 2: Fill in the customer information and click Add Customer to finish

Importing Customers

Step 1: Navigate to the customers module and click on Import Customers

Step 2: Click on download csv on the pop up screen

Step 3: Populate the csv file. Please note, no changes are to be made to the csv file.

Step 4: Return to OneRoute and click Next Step, choose the file and click Upload CSV

Step 5: On the next screen, you can either put the customers in a group or click Import Customers then click Finish to complete the import.

Updating Customer Information

You can edit and delete your customer information in the Customers Module

Step 1: Navigate to the Customer Module. Click on the three dots beside the customer information and click edit

Step 2: A screen with the customer's full information will open. Click on edit and update the information then click save

Creating Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you capture information that isn’t available on the default fields for customer information.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Custom Fields

Step 2: Click Customers Fields then click on Add new field

Step 3: Input the field name and select the field type and click Add field to save

You can delete custom fields anytime by clicking on the trash icon beside the field.

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